Celebrating a successful start to the year! January was filled with milestones for ReCarbn, officially becoming a Universiteit Twente spin-off (thanks for the support Novel-T), opening a new office in UtrechtInc, completing our co-founder team, being selected for the 2023 cohort of imec.istart.nl, receiving the Thematic Technology Transfer Grant Pillar 1, and welcoming our first hire, Ilja Tromer, to the team! ReCarbn offers a novel direct air capture solution using solid sorbent technology. The captured CO2 can be used to accelerate the growth of plants (replacing natural gas), as circular carbon for materials and fuels (replacing oil), or stored underground (adding carbon sinks). In this first phase, we’re dedicated to talking to as many launching customers as possible before building our first demonstration unit, which will be capturing 50 tons of CO2 per year. We are on the lookout for indoor farmers and experts in the field of CO2 use in indoor farming to help us in our mission and build the first demonstration unit.