Business Applications of Direct Air Capture

Our Direct Air Capture technology provides solutions for various industries. These applications include permanent storage of carbon dioxide, production of chemicals & e-fuels, and direct use of CO₂ in gas form.

Permanent Storage

DAC integrated with permanent carbon storage emerges as a powerful strategy for generating negative emissions in the fight against climate change. By capturing CO₂ directly from the atmosphere, DAC technology, when combined with secure carbon storage, effectively removes greenhouse gases from the environment. Corporates can actively contribute to this process by purchasing carbon credits associated with these projects, thereby supporting the advancement of this vital technology. It enables businesses to offset their carbon emissions, contributing to a collective effort in achieving a carbon-neutral future.

Chemicals & e-Fuels

CO₂ captured with DAC can, together with green hydrogen, be converted into various chemicals, one promising example is Methanol. Methanol can be used as a low-carbon fuel in transportation and as feedstock in the production of many chemicals and materials (such as plastics), reducing the reliance on fossil fuels. Captured CO₂ by DAC in combination with green hydrogen can also be used to produce e-fuels (synthetic fuels).


Direct Use

The direct use of CO₂ in gas form presents an innovative circular approach in various industries. For instance, in greenhouse horticulture, the direct use of CO₂ in gas form offers a sustainable solution for enhancing plant growth. CO₂ captured through DAC can be injected into greenhouse environments to optimize photosynthesis, promoting healthier and more robust plant development.

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