About ReCarbn

ReCarbn aims to accelerate the development of Direct Air Capture with the potential to remove gigatons of CO₂ from the atmosphere, thereby helping to limit global warming to 1.5 °C. We aim to filter CO₂ out of the air in an affordable and easily scalable way. Our Direct Air Capture technology stems from over a decade of research at the University of Twente in the Netherlands.

The ReCarbn technology has been developed since 2012, by Professor Wim Brilman, an academic expert and thought leader in the field. ReCarbn was founded in 2022 as an official university spin-off and is operating independently. 


Meet our Team

Our team combines years of research in carbon capturing technology and is complemented with commercial business and financial backgrounds.

Guus Dubbink
CEO & Co-Founder
+31 6 41485160
Ewout Ruijs
CPO & Co-Founder
+31 6 24802768
Sophia Hummelman
CCO & Co-Founder
+31 6 53299267
Mariangela Ravazio
Process Engineer
Mark Siegers
Jr. Process Engineer
Victoria Chung Yee
Marketing Intern
Wim Brilman
Advisor & Full Professor CO₂ Capture and Conversion, Sustainable Process Technology

Connect with Our Team

Our team is happy to have a chat with you about what ReCarbn can mean for your specific industry. We are continuously on the lookout for launching customers and other experts in the field.