Podcast with Founder Radio

Last week Sophia Hummelman, Co-Founder of ReCarbn, talked about ways to reverse climate change by Direct Air Capture of CO₂ and how to start a business with Hugo Suidgeest from FOUNDER RADIO.

Highlights of the podcast include:

– Direct Air Capture (DAC) and how it works
– The urgency to reduce and remove CO₂ from the atmosphere
– How DAC compares to carbon reduction
– DAC’s CO₂ capacity and targets
– Recent developments at ReCarbn
– ReCarbn’s business model and goals
– How ReCarbn’s technology compares to other companies
– The roles at ReCarbn

Click on the link to access the full podcast: https://founderradio.transistor.fm/episodes/sophia-hummelman-of-recarbn-on-reversing-climate-change-and-luck-in-life