EFRO Oost 2021-2027 Co-Funding Announcement

Together with Carbotreat and the University of Twente, ReCarbn has received funding from EFRO Oost 2021-2027 to further develop and test our Direct Air Capture technology in an experimental setup for the EcoCapture project.  Among two other approved projects, we have developed a unique technique of capturing CO₂ directly from the atmosphere.

The EFRO Oost 2021-2027 Program is based on the European goals for regional development. Dutch provinces Overijssel and Gelderland have jointly established this program for Eastern Netherlands, aiming to foster a more sustainable and innovative region. Their focus is on nurturing strong, innovative entrepreneurs.

A total subsidy amount of more than € 462,000 from the EU, the province of Overijssel and the government was allocated to the EcoCapture project. The total project cost is almost € 1 million. This project aims to enhance the lifespan of chemical sorbents and improve the efficiency of our DAC technology, thereby advancing its sustainability and scalability—key components for future success.

🧑‍💻 Read more about it in Dutch here: https://www.efro-oost.eu/nieuws/groen-licht-voor-innoverende-ondernemers-in-gelderland-en-overijssel