ReCarbn's Blog: Learn about the basics of Direct Air Capture and Carbon Removal Technology

Nature vs Tech based Carbon Removal Solutions

There are several ways of removing carbon from the atmosphere, they can be distributed in two main categories: technology-based and nature-based solutions. Both methods have their different ways of capturing CO₂ at different scale and cost.

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Impact of Direct Air Capture

Climate change is one of the most critical challenges for our planet today. The world is struggling with rising temperatures, extreme weather events, and other alarming environmental changes. Innovative solutions are needed to encounter these challenges. The technology that has been developed by ReCarbn is called Direct Air Capture (DAC), which is one of the important tools in the fight against climate change.

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Blog: Direct Air Capture

Direct Air Capture (DAC) is a key technology that can help us achieve our net-zero emission goals and limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius. According to the IPCC, up to 310 billion tons of CO₂ will need to be removed from the atmosphere just by using DAC between now and the end of this century.  While reducing greenhouse gas emissions is critical, it’s not enough to reach net-zero emissions. We also need to remove the excess carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and that’s where direct air capture and storage comes in. 

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