Reversing Global Warming Using Direct Air Capture at Scale

ReCarbn aims to accelerate the development of Direct Air Capture with a potential to remove gigatons of CO₂ from the atmosphere. 


Direct Air Capture as an Essential Piece in the Climate Solution Puzzle

1. Draw in Air

Large fans draw in air from the atmosphere. This can be done anywhere, as long as renewable electricity or heat is readily available.

2. Filter CO₂

Filters containing engineered chemicals (sorbents), concentrate CO₂ from the air. The filter material is heated to release the captured CO₂.

3. Store or Use

Concentrated CO₂ is stored away permanently or transformed into other goods. Filtered CO₂-lean air is released into the atmosphere.

Our Innovation

ReCarbn technology uses a circulating solid sorbent mechanism (moving-bed process), reducing the energy consumption needed for the technology.


Meet the Founders

Our team combines years of research in carbon capturing technology and is complemented with commercial business and financial backgrounds.

Guus Dubbink
+31 6 41485160
Ewout Ruijs
+31 6 24802768
Sophia Hummelman
+31 6 53299267

We cannot escape removing CO₂ from the atmosphere, and ReCarbn has the energy-efficient and scalable tech to do it.
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Co-founder Team of ReCarbn
The Netherlands

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