Illuminated industrial greenhouse with yellow lights and blue sky in Westland area Netherlands

Indoor farming

Natural gas consumption of the indoor farming industry must be reduced, which means that new sources of CO₂ are needed. The CO₂ injection from DAC is automated by the climate control system of an indoor farm, resulting in less wasted CO₂ , and using smarter dosing.


CO₂ captured with DAC can, together with green hydrogen, be converted into various chemicals, one promising example is Methanol. 



Captured CO₂ by DAC in combination with green hydrogen can be used to produce e-fuels (synthetic fuels). The role of e-fuels in the aviation sector is estimated to be large. The EU set blending targets for industry, moving up to 28% in 2050. The decarbonization options for long-haul aviation are limited, therefore, e-fuels provide the opportunity to reduce up to 90% of greenhouse gas emissions compared to conventional fossil-based aviation fuels.   

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ReCarbn is continuously looking for launching customers and experts in the field of CO₂ use in indoor farming to help us in our mission and build the first demonstration unit.